Carnivorous Art

Photography is another favorite hobby of mine, and, needless to say, carnivorous plants make great subjects!

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“Carnassières” Series

The French word “carnassier” is a way to say “carnivorous” with an emphasis on voracity.

This set focuses on a few iconic carnivorous plant traps, some with prey… or prey hunter. The images were made using a Foveon-equipped camera and techniques such as focus stacking, to obtain a large depth of field with a high level of detail.

I offer various prints of these photos in my Red Bubble shop.

"Carnassières" exhibition, Bibliothèque Universitaire Lucien Febvre, Belfort, France, April 2019
“Carnassières” exhibition at the Bibliothèque Universitaire Lucien Febvre in Belfort, France (April 2019).

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