Heliamphora huberi

Skilled Heliamphora growers such as Maciej Stelmach have been an eye-opener on the beauty and diversity of these plants. When I saw his seed-grown Heliamphora huberi—a cross between the Akopan and the Amuri clone—I was in awe. Luckily, Maciej was able to get me a division. “Small or big adult?“, he asked. I went for the small one with no hesitation. The satisfaction of seeing my plants grow is priceless and it always feels like an accomplishment, so the younger they are, the better.

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January 2020

Three weeks. That’s what it took for my package to travel form Poland to France, as opposed to the usual four or five days. Amazingly, there is no trace of rot to be seen anywhere on this beautiful Heliamphora huberi division. However, the box suffered from a rough treatment, being crushed and weirdly water-soaked, resulting in several cracks on every pitcher. Nothing deadly though, and the plant should recover smoothly.

Heliamphora huberi in january 2020
That plant looks healthy from the roots to the tip of the nectar spoons, even after three full weeks in total darkness.
Heliamphora huberi in january 2020
Just repotted in my go-to medium that consists of 2 parts milled pine bark, 1 part grit and 1 part perlite. The sphagnum heads were taken from the nearby pot.
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