Heliamphora macdonaldae

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June 2020

This one has been at the top of my wish list for years. The king of helis. On top of being quite large, the pitchers are superbly shaped and colored, with a heavily veined inner side and a nectar spoon that must have been an inspiration for Darth Vader’s helmet.

First available in very limited quantities but at very high prices due to the overwhelming demand, Heliamphora macdonaldae happens to be a good grower that divides fairly generously, a quality seldom found in the most coveted plants. So, gradually, its availability improves and it reflects in the prices. Still, one has to either jump on any opportunity, or ask known growers for a division and hope for the best. I did the latter and got lucky!

Heliamphora macdonaldae in June 2020
Mature Heliamphora macdonaldae pitchers are unmistakable, with to their narrow indumentum along the opening, while the rest of the inner side is glabrous. This is Wistuba’s clone.
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