Nepenthes mollis

Elegantly shaped pitchers with a highly developed peristome, beautiful colors, stripes and patterns, hairs all over… What’s not to like about Nepenthes mollis? Well, the name, perhaps. N. hurrelliana was a nice homage to Andrew Hurrell, who studied the plant on Mount Murud, Malaysia, 25 years ago. And it sounded better.

November 2019

The plant has settled in perfectly, and individual leaf size has more than doubled during the summer. The best part of it is seeing these lovely pitchers. They are now large enough to receive an osmocote pellet or two. I much prefer this method over regular foliar feeding, because it uses the natural way for Nepenthes to get complementary nutrients, and does so over a long period of time instead of supplying everything at once.

Nepenthes mollis in November 2019
The pitcher is 6 cm high and the whole rosette is 16-17 cm wide—about three times larger than it was in April.

April 2019

My specimen is Andreas Wistuba’s clone. The cute plant arrived in perfect shape and was immediately potted with some living sphagnum moss.

Nepenthes mollis in April 2019
The leaves already have a pronounced indumentum.

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