Nepenthes muluensis

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March 2020

As I was looking for a moderately sized Nepenthes to place in the upper part of my terrarium, some photos of Nepenthes muluensis in its natural habitat piqued my interest. Speaking of which, I’m surprised that the white-blotched super dark pitchers of this species don’t yield more interest among growers. Anyway, I got lucky and ordered Wistuba’s last available specimen.

I installed Nepenthes muluensis on the vertical tree fern panel of my terrarium. The sphagnum moss holds in place thanks to a pair of stainless steel hooks.

I would like to get the plant to produce those bright patches and specks on the pitchers… assuming it can. I haven’t seen it on young specimens, and many factors come into play, some of them like the clone’s genes being uncontrollable. At least, it will benefit from very high light levels, which is a good start when attempting to bring out the best colors.

Nepenthes muluensis in March 2020
Nepenthes muluensis, high up in the terrarium, with Heliamphora huberi in the foreground.
Nepenthes muluensis in March 2020
A typical, red-colored pitcher, with an older one in the background.
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