Sarracenia [(‘Night’ × leucophylla) × ‘Night’]

Made in Germany by Christian Klein, this complex hybrid features 2/3 of the darkest S. alata clone and 1/3 of the whitest Sarracenia species. The resulting plant is said to produce “nearly black pitchers with white windows“, as per Christian’s words. Isn’t it promising? As I write these lines, there is no single photo of this clone on the web, so let’s be surprised!

June 2019

This is the first pitcher under my care and it already looks quite nice, with both parent species being readily apparent. The plant has anchored quickly and sturdily in spite of the initial bad weather, and is currently making three leaves simultaneously. I don’t know whether the milled-bark-based soil has to do with it, but it’s impressive. In comparison, S. leucophylla var. alba was still shaking in the wind several months after it was planted, due to slow and weak root anchoring.

Sarracenia (alata 'Night' × leucophylla) × alata 'Night' in June 2019
Total pitcher height is ~14 cm, pictured portion is ~3 cm. Note the abrupt transition from pubescent to glabrous on the lid’s underside.

May 2019

Day of receipt. I decided to experiment with Mike King’s suggested soil, made of 50% milled pine bark as an alternative to peat moss, 25% grit and 25% perlite. All mixed up and poured into a tall pot, because Sarracenia often make long roots and I’m expecting a hybrid to have root vigor, unlike some species (looking at you, leuco alba).

Buying peat moss is not environmentally friendly, so I will be using Mike’s mix from now on.

Sarracenia (alata 'Night' × leucophylla) × alata 'Night' in May 2019
For now, the plant is dull to the point I can’t even see its potential, but I have faith in Mr. Klein.

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